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For many years the KART Sprint Nationals was one of the little known secrets in National kart championships.  After a somewhat corrosive episode in 2004, the ph level was neutralized for 2005 providing the chemistry for a nearly perfect event.  The only spoiler was the early heat wave that came to the North Texas vicinity with daytime high temps in the 90's.

Over 200 racers settled into the North Texas Kartway to contest a gaggle of classes the KART-Rotax combo.  Headed up by Rotax National Director Marshal Martin, the 3 nights of pure racing put some spectacular racing.

Highlights of the weekend?  So many it's hard to condense.  Probably the biggest one came for the winner of BOTH Rotax International classes, Lindsey Adams of Richardson Texas. 

Rotax is always a tough class, especially when 3 time National Champion Jordon Musser is on the track at the same time. 

Some of the other top names behind Lindsey at the checker was the new Rotax phenomena Sean Owens, former Stars & SKUSA Pro tour racer Garrett Napier, past Rotax Master Champion Oscar Aguilera, Nathan Mauel and multi-national Champions Jonathon Beason and Ansel Gaddy.

Lindsey's father George Adams was simply ecstatic.  Move over Danica, Lindsey's coming up for the pass.

The best drive of the weekend came from Sean Owens who started the Rotax Main at the back of the grid after having a throttle cable break in the Pre-final.  Sean made a charge from 11th position and clawed his way to second only a second behind Lindsey.

There was one red flag due to a wild ride taken by Greg Clarke exiting turn one.

The AMB Lap times were uploaded to however there were a few penalties and DQ's that were not included so the finishing orders are not all accurate.  We will post the top 3 finishes in each class along with Podium pictures in Part II later this week.

We also have a few minutes of video coming.  Stay tuned.